Required Margin vs Final Margin?

If the required margin is 500000rs and final margin is 400000. Do I need to have 500000 margin my funds or can I go with 400000?

You need to maintain the required margin i.e 5,00,000 /-

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Initially you need to maintain the required margin, and once the basket is executed, final margin will be blocked.

then its useless. your final margin amount will be blocked but you should still have the required margin in your account.

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You need to have sufficient required margin to execute all the orders. Once all the orders are executed, you will get margin benefit which reduces the margin requirement. This is why the final margin is lower.

@ShubhS9 One more question. Let’s say I have multiple option postions in different (strategies, instruments and expiries) Is there a way to check breakdown of margin blocked everyday on each grouping of strategy as it will be easier to calculate ROI on that strategy. Also, say I have multiple options strategies running, how to view P/L on filters. Based on my current understanding, when you do a filter in the postions tab of kite, the total P/L is continued to be shown than the selected/filtered positions. Thanks!

The margins for F&O positions are on a portfolio level. So it is not possible to show margins for individual position or a specific strategy. To check margin according to strategy, what you can do is add those orders in the basket order which you show you the margin requirement details.

This is currently not possible. You can however tag your trades while placing the order and next day check the P&L for those tags on Console. More on tags here: