Required margin when hedging futures

Let’s say if I have x lots of Nifty Feb and if I want to hedge the position buy going long/short on near month e.g. nifty jan so will the margin required will be the same what it required when I opened the position in nifty feb or will it be halved?

For E.g let’s say account value is initially 10000
To open position in nifty feb it will required 8000 and if I want to hedge will I required another 8000 or it actually reduce the margin?

This can be easily calculated with Zerodha margin calculator, F&O margin calculator - Zerodha Margin Calculator

In your case margin requirement would be very less ~16k/lot. But you would need enough margin when you place a buy or sell order (65,192)

hedging is buying calls when you are short on futures ( long puts when you are long on futures ) …