Requirement for 50:50 Cash & Collateral

@nithin @siva @VenuMadhav Zerodha requires 50% of the margin on overnight F&O positions to compulsorily come in the form of cash (or equivalents) and the balance 50% can be in the form of collateral (pledged stocks and ETFs). In one of my Zerodha accounts, I was charged a penalty for not maintaining 50% in cash although my overall margin was adequate.

A lot of other brokers do not insist on this 50% rule. In other words, they allow the whole margin to come by way of collateral in the form of pledged stocks and ETFs.

Can someone throw light on these differing practices used by different brokers? Is this 50:50 rule mandated by SEBI or by the exchanges? Or is this Zerodha’s policy alone?

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This is an Exchange requirement, not Zerodha’s. Here’s the link
Search for ‘Effective Deposits’ on the above page: At least 50% of the Effective Deposits should be in the form of cash.

I wouldn’t be able to comment on policies of other brokers, they could be blocking their own cash margins to allow you to take positions.

As I said earlier, its not our policy, its the Exchange’s policy.

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Is there any max limit on amount which can be given after share pledging

Depends on how much one is pledging after haircut.

You can refer to this sheet to ascertain the approximate margins you’ll get.

@VenuMadhav one more thing if i write options with this collateral and close position s intraday then the 50% cash requirement would not be needed

Still required to bring 50%. For pure cash component, first buy liquid fund in the debt Mf segment and pledge it to Zerodha . 10% haircut and 90% will be available as per pure cash for intraday equity, futures both buy and sell intraday or Normal/overnite and Option Sell both intraday and Normal/overnite.

Of course, equity shares deliveries and option buy not possible thru these trading margin funds obtained through pledging.

Currently 6 leading liquid MF are permitted like HDFC liquid fund, Aditya birla, ICICI, Reliance/Nippon, Franklin and Axis. Direct Plan and growth scheme of these funds may be bought and pledged. LiquidBees can also be bought and pledged but liquid funds will give better returns at say 7% which belongs to you despite pledging.

Can someone confirm that imtraday option selling also zeridha require 50%cash in addition to the pledged funds after haircut .?

…not required , if pledged funds are debt category liquid mutual funds…7 specific funds permitted for the purpose as.of now…

Zerodha considers liquidbees as cash equivalent and does not require 50:50 ratio condition on it .
Zerodha said it is decided on the rule of the nse sebi !
But , not all the brokers do so !
I enquired with 10 different brokers .
Many of them do also impose the 50:50 ratio condition on the liquidbees too !

My question is : are those brokers violating the rule of the nse sebi ?

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Could please state if these can be pledged if bought on COIN. If so what is the procedure. Is pledging done through Coin or Kite or console? There seems to be nil clarity on this. On which software, website app will I be able to see pledge option if the liquid MF are purchased in COIN

All the answers are available here, just need to check for them,for more help one can create ticket there.

Buy ONLY on coin fr pledging with zerodha. If you place buy order by 11.30 am…i believe the mf purchased will reflect in coin on day next morning…then by end of this day you may see those in investmet MF section on console frm where you can click n pledge the number of whole units for receiving margin by 2nd day after request. BROTHER, PLS SELECT YOUR FUND VERY CAREFULLY GIVEN THAT ALL SEGEMENTS OF MKT BE IT DEBT OR EQUITY ARE UNDER STRAIN N HUGE PRESSURE. I HAVE SINCE THEN SOLD N NOW IN CASH MARGIN. MAY RE-ENTER, BUT ONLY IN OVERNITE FUND which is returning even lesser than liquid fund as even liquid mf look risky for folks like us !

@siva suppose I pledge liquid bees of 5 lakh and get 4.5 lakh margin and pledge 5lakh of stock and get again 4.5 lakhs. Will I required to bring any cash since liquidbees are considered cash equivalents.
I know that if I pledge liquibees alone I will not require cash but can I combine it with stock collateral as actual cash.

Liquidbees is as good as cash, so yes one can combine.

Newbie question…sorry if im asking an already answered question… but can pledged liquid bees be used to purchase options? I know that i can use that as margin to sell options, but if i want to buy options as a hedge, do i need cash in my account? or would liquid bees do?

You will need cash in your account.

For buying options you need to have cash. Liquid bees margin can be used only for futures and option writing.

Can someone share the broker names who provide margin from stocks and etfs more than 50% against a position