Research for derivatives trading

I have been trading for 2 years now. I mainly trade derivatives in currencies, commodities and indices. Research on equity and indices is easily available but I want to know how the traders on this forum undertake research for their strategies?
Do you follow news events? Or Macro events? Or just technical analysis?
As a newbie trader, I am still not sure on how and what to research that will make me a better trader.
Any help will be appreciated

Have you done any consolidated courses on trading or something similar?
Or else check this site once hope it’ll help
Varsity by Zerodha – Markets, Trading, and Investing Simplified.

I am currently preparing for NISM, but apart from that I have done self study through books, blogs, research reports etc. I am curious about how professional traders undertake research for themselves.

In the world of derivatives time is your friend or your enemy

In the world of cash it is value vs momentum investing simple

In Markets always remember
emotions has no place and being a bull in long run is always beneficial as most players are always bull nobody