Resistance and Support Level

I am not able to Understand How to Determine Resistance and Support level of an Stock ? Do Trading Platform Like PI and NEST help the intraday trader determining the R&S and what is the suitable time period for determining R&S

You don’t really need a tool to understand support and resistance. Check this:

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To Get Daily MCX Support or Mcx Trading Level for Major Commodity Just visit :


Assume Resistance and Support as your bank balance limit.resistance level is 100000/- and support level is 50000/-

Your Resistance level is 100000/- if your bank balance is more then 100000/- your wife will spend the extra amount for shopping and bring back to resistance level or lower then that.

your support level is 50000/- by your wife shopping and your home expenses the balance will go less then your support level 50000/- now your parents scowled you for wasting you money. now you work extra time and increase your bank balance more then 50000/-.

assume a stock is traded at 75.its resistance level is 100.its support level is 50.If it decrease less then 50 it will come back to 50 or increase more then 75 or higher.If it goes higher then 100 it will decrease 100 or less then 75.