Resources- books, video etc (Technical and Fundamental)

Name: Unholy Grail by Nick Radge

Author Credential: Ex investment banker and independent trader for last 30 years.
Inclination: Trading purely based on market data (price, volume)
Data Set Examples: Australia
One good thing to learn: Simulations considering variability of position, draw down and other metrics.
Specific Focus: end to end book, entry set up examples are simple.
Missed outs: money management and risk management in detail
Amazon Price on date: 1243, Only Kindle version
Additional Comments: Nick comes from institutional background. Without telling secrets of investment bank he has given a message, respect metrics (followed by most biggies).
Who should read- swing and positional traders can survive purely with simple set ups and price data only.
Applicability: the filters given in book require tweaks to Indian market. There is a problem of plenty meaning lots of opportunities these set up throws, which will require extensive work.

Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard- Mark Minervini

Author Credential: Mark Minervini appeared on very popular series of interview books called Market Wizards by Jack Schawager (2nd book)
Inclination: Both fundamental and technical data. Belongs to category of Growth Investing.
Data Set Examples: USA
One good thing to learn: VCP (volatility contraction pattern) while judging constructive price behaviour of a stock.
Specific Focus: end to end book, combining earnings anticipation to technical footprints (charts). Growth investing cycle.
Missed outs: screening of stocks from universe of so many thousand stocks.
Amazon Price on date: 1536 (Kindle), 1734 (hard copy)
Additional Comments: Natural extension to O Neil style of investing. Mark has brilliantly combined over head supply, price behaviour and breakouts to fundamentals of a company.
Who should read- value and growth investors. Method will ensure you don’t miss what you love (fundamental analysis) but you can cut losses, enter and exit when your intelligence and market aligns to hard work.
Applicability: the pivot points, and VCP application works good in bull markets. Pullback, range bound markets are not covered. Requires extensive practice for VCP recognition.

Have you learned something from them anyway ? I bought a lot of usual yada yada in past like lot of Robert Kiosaki books, but along with them something from Boris Bekker about stocks and binary options regarding this matter, it’s quite hard read for me, but I am trying to;)

Yes, books help shaping your process and philosophy. In short it has immensely helped me. I follow a book reading chart around: a. circle of competence b. deliberate practice . A bunch of self help topics gets added as you move on. Keep trying, it will change you one day for sure…sooner than you think.:grinning: