Retail Trading VS Institutional Trading Account

What is the Difference Between Retail Trading & Institutional Trading Account And Minimum Requirement For Institutional Trading Account ?


Any corporate entity which opens a trading account can be technically called an ‘Institutional Trading Account’. Requirements are pretty much the for both the accounts except for an Institutional account one may need additional documentation (MoA, AoA, DIN number of Directors, Auditors Certificate etc).

Other things such as leverage, support, reporting etc depends on the level of comfort between the broking firm and Institutional account.


I think Institutional Trading accounts are opened directly with the Exchanges rather than going through Broking Firms. Here brokerage overheads are very very less. I have heard of a person in Bangalore who has a direct line with NSE. (no doubt he trades in crores).

P.S. (But, you can confirm with Nithin and associates. I’m not 100% sure, it is just that I have heard it in some trading seminars.)

No, all transactions have to be routed through a trading member.

The person I’ve mentioned above could have been a Trading Member. Anyways thanks.

If I open Corporate trading account with Zerodha.

Does Intraday trading is allowed under corporate account ? If I incorporate company with trading purpose only. ?

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some day traders n HFTs trade on a single tick. how their trading costs are covered?