Revenge of Bitcoin Traders on Stock Market

Well, world over stock markets are crashing, many Traders, Investors & media speculating , trying to find the reason behind the Stock market crash . Many of them are accusing VIX indices, Bond yield & Increase in interest rate ( same people few months back lobbing for higher interest rate in USA ) , In India many of them are accusing PE ratio & Union Budget ( Budget was good ) these PE Ratios are now running for cover !!! some people who are saying , they don"t use deep Technical analysis but use only slightly ( French fry’s are French fry"s , whether it is deep fried or slightly fried) are also running for cover
But i think world over stock market crash is the “Revenge of Bitcoin Traders” , :grinning: Bitcoin / Crypto currency traders are good Algo traders & good coders/programmers. Bitcoin crashed from high of $20000 to below $ 6000 , so these traders lost lots of money , so its their revenge on stock market :slightly_smiling_face:
I think market will go down further & going to be a difficult phase
Share your opinions.

There is a good chance of this crash caused by quants. The speed and intensity with which it crashed and bounced back in US market humanly not possible. And what happened all over world was its ripple effect.

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Please explain how does it directly affect the equity market? As far as I know since the futures of BTC has started trading it’s falling like crazy and altcoins just wait for BTC to see what to do next. The only way I can think of the effect is if a person lost some amount of their capital in cryptos might not want lose the other in equity so they might be pulling out due to fear.

Also most people already knew the cryptos are nothing but a bubble waiting to burst.


It may be the quants , Americans are worried now & their media flashing Head lines like these " BREAKING: Dow turns back negative, trades in wild 934-point range" Its really not possible to swing 934 points by humanly

Today banknifty almost went in green from deep -1k in red

Volatility on Bank Nifty was always there , since it consists only 12 stocks

That’s why you probably shouldn’t deal with that bitcoins in the first place, have you seen it’s current exchange rate anyway ? I do not see how it’s done there really. How the fact that they lost tons of money could be their revenge anyway ? Please let me know.