Review on Zero brokerages

Can you guys, give some reviews on zero brokerage brokers.

Example :-

  • Finvasia
  • Blinkx
  • Flattrade
  • Mstock

I am a Newbie to all this, I just created a account with zerodha !

Planning on opening accounts with Finvasia & Dhan.

While account creation was buttery smooth with stepwise process & e-signing process in zerodha, I had difficulties while creating account with finvasia like server error & need to redo somethings because of their network error etc…still account didn’t got created :person_shrugging:t2:

My zerodha account got created within 2 hrs

While my finvasia account still not got created now & its 2nd day.

I am yet to open in dhan & they have issues in opening account with hypenated Mail ID {For example : [email protected]} while in zerodha my mail ID just gone through.

So, I am waiting & reported this bug to dhan.

I can see why zerodha is at the top :clap:t2::tada:

Just a reminder : Give some reviews on above mentioned brokers & is there somebody I missed? , do mention those👍🏻


Oh man ! After reading about the previous Finvasia problem of ghost trades :open_mouth:, I am reconsidering my decision.

Do tell me, what you did after that guys?

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Every broker will have few glitches every year you can’t help it.
Zerodha is amazing, the scale at which they operate and the stability they have is what makes them #1. They also had fair number of glitches last year

People mostly have zerodha account(s) because of their transparency and trust other than performance related things

But its very costly if you are trading with <10L account. :sweat_smile: If you are okay donating to rainmatter foundation you can continue trading in zerodha

Finvasia is good, many of my friends use it

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@Krishnakumar Then have you used any brokers mentioned above?

And there’s also from phonepe giving out temporary zero brokerage accounts? :person_shrugging:t2:

I have used Dhan. They have excellent feature set and execution. But UI is very complicated and overloaded with elements compared to Zerodha’s clean UI.

But I find the stuff they provide very useful. When you click on an index, they show list of companies in index. You can select a few and invest. You can create your own index this way and replicate low volatility index which don’t necessarily have ETF etc.

They also have a great TradingView integration, much better than Zerodha.

They show the delivery percentage of each stock every day, which is useful for me.

They have fundamental data about the company financials within the app itself, without depending on Tickertape/Tijori popups like zerodha. Displayed in very easy to understand way too.

But yeah UI wise it is very overloaded, partly due to the number of features they have, which is what I look for more.

It is free AMC + equity delivery so doesn’t hurt to open an account


I have account with fyers, finvasia, zerodha and tradejini
Fyers and finvasia I just opened because they said they are LTF no amc

I opened zerodha account in march 2020, moved my account to tradejini in march 2024.
If you are looking to trade in equity then zerodha is more than enough. Its free for swing trades anyway


May I know why tradejini ?

Seems they are mostly like small zerodha of past :thinking:

Bootstrapped small company with small clientbase !

They are charging for equity delivery also !

What’s the reason, why you shifted there ? :thinking:

Finvasia has been very stable the past 6 months. They are also amongst the fastest in terms of API response currently (Zerodha Kite API is amongst the slowest).

They are similar to zerodha
UI wise, has features similar to zerodha

The issue with traders is once they get used to any ui, it becomes little difficult to move to another broker because the muscle memory takes over while punching orders

Tradejini was looking kinda similar to zerodha ui and has all the features that zerodha offers

I was having all my family accounts in zerodha and I trade with exposure of 50L in options, couple of times zerodha glitched out and their customer support really pissed me off. I had to diversify the risk, if one broker goes down i can buy back options in another broker to square off net wise

Equity delivery 20rs shouldn’t be any issue. I never sell stocks just keep holding for long term

why worry if nifty is going to be 20k or 21k when nifty is going to be 50k in a few years :joy:


Hi i am having an account in mStock , their back office service is very bad , m stock is ok for the people who do once in a while delivery based trade :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh :open_mouth: Nice insights :+1:t2: