Revision in expiry day of weekly Nifty Bank F&O contracts from Thursday to Wednesday

NSE has announced a revision in the expiry day of weekly Futures and Options contracts on Nifty Bank (BANKNIFTY) from Thursday to Wednesday. The changes will come into effect from September 04, 2023. The expiry day for Bank Nifty monthly F&O contracts will continue to be on Thursday.

Expiry Day Current Expiry Revised Expiry Day
Weekly Contracts Thursday of every week All existing weekly contracts will expire on Wednesday of every week. If Wednesday is a trading holiday, contracts will expire on the previous trading day.
Monthly Contracts Last Thursday of the expiry month No change in expiry day.

How does this work?

  • At the end of the day on September 1, 2023, the expiry date of all existing contracts will be revised to Wednesday as mentioned above.

For example:

  • If the expiry/maturity date of the existing contract maturing on September 7, 2023 (Thursday) will be preponed to September 6, 2023 (Wednesday).

The first WEDNESDAY weekly expiry will be on September 06, 2023.

All the weekly Bank Nifty F&O contracts introduced for trading on or after September 6, 2023, will be created as per the new expiry day.

Does this affect my open positions?

No, this does not have any effect on the open positions you hold. The change is only in the expiry day of the contract. All other contract specifications remain the same.

You can check the announcement from the exchange here:


What is wrong if weekly expiry is it’s on Thursday itself ? i don’t understand the logic behind it , whereas the monthly is kept on Thursday


It is ok. What would be the expiry date, if the month ends on Wednesday

If the monthly expiry is on a wednesday due to a holiday on that thursday - then both nifty and banknifty will expire on wednesday.

Previous Thursday

I really don’t understand the ideology , methodologies behind it and it has declared it on just 2 pieces of paper .