Right in which market I have to invest, stock or commodity?

I need experts advice for investment in the market.please suggest.

For investing you have to select stock only. Commodity is not for long term investing. Commodity trading is future only, which means each contract has an expiry date. So before expiry date you will need to square off your position. In the case of stocks, there are no expiry dates.

Commodity Super cycle are already over,Stock Super cycle is on…

Stocks = Less Risk, More Experience, Less Profit, less volatility, Risk coverage is better

Commodity: More Risk, Less Experience, More Profit, Risk Coverage is low

If you want to earn fast and has good capital, and can handle losses in high volatility market, then go for Commodity

If you want to earn steadily, and has less capital, and can gain much experience, then go for stock.

My experience is Commodity is good for intraday and stocks are good for long term. I do trade in commodities but i dont suggest anyone for commodity because personally i am a new trader, and learning as intraday. Once i will be familiar with Intraday, and earn good income say only 1000 per day then this 1000 i will put to stock for long term.

So it depends from person to person, but if you decide to trade in in market, then Money management is more important.Just like the cricket lover loves Test match because it checks the capability of all the players. But now people shifted towards IPL (LOL) , that doesnt means IPL is waste of time,…it means it is made for fast cricket, not for judging the cricket. So Stock market is Test match and Commodity is IPL… LOL… what a worst example i have given :stuck_out_tongue:

No one is going to become warren buffet and its the truth, but atleast i want to earn such a amount that i can support my family. Hope i am not so much greedy.

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Answers is stocks.

Commodity markets are hard to predict. Stocks are safer bet. Also the return is higher in stocks (if you choose the right multibaggers), commodity returns are not that high, like appreciation in the price of gold etc is very similar to fixed deposits or little high, but not like stocks which is on average around 20% or more, (even sometimes it multibags, or multiplies several times).

As trade100 said, commodity market futures are limited to specific period, after which you have to rollover to the next cycle (you need to bear rollover cost), whereas stocks once bought can be kept for several years without any additional cost.

Please read the first module introduction section in zerodha varsity. It will give you some idea why to invest in stocks.

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for investments stocks.for trading purposes commodity,it can give extraordinary profits but not on daily basis roughly once or twice a week u can trade in commodities,i know few ppl who trade only in gold/silver only and not at all in nifty/stocks…other group trade gold/silver/natural gas/crude only the signals are very less but profitable.only ting i hate in commodities is their lengthy hours.

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