Right way to setup ETF SIPs without bank mandates

As a passive trader, I’d been exposed to MF SIPs only, but recently I setup ETF SIP through Kite. I have a basket setup with X qty of the ETF, and a SIP using that basket setup to trigger twice a month. I do not have bank mandate setup. For my Coin SIP orders (for MFs), I had all of my SIPs setup to be executed on same day of the week, and every week I’d use UPI to transfer-in the money for the SIPs to execute successfully. However in case of Kite, I am not sure what I am doing wrong, as I had added the requisite amount of Funds as per the indicated Margin for the SIP (in fact about 2K more), 2 days before the ETF SIP date (on Kite) but the SIP didn’t execute and I found that it was reporting insufficient funds. Wondering if I am doing this the wrong way ? Also, doesn’t Kite send any notification or SMS of pending SIP order where funds are insufficient ? Is it expected to fail silently ?

This would have happened due to the quarterly settlement. As per SEBI mandate, brokers are required to send bank unused funds back to the primary bank account on the first Friday of each quarter. July 7th was the first Friday, so the funds would’ve been sent back to your bank account.

We send an email to the registered email ID one day before the scheduled SIP date. An intimation email will also be sent when the SIP is triggered. You can learn more here.

Thanks @ShubhS9 , that definitely explains what might have happened, as the dates definitely do seem to line up.

Good to know a mail is sent, and I need to check where I am getting mine. However, since you guys have the mobile app, it’d be so much nicer (and harder to miss) if this were to pop-up as a mobile notification. Can you please convey this as feedback and feature request to the product team for their consideration ?