Rights Issue - How to proceed

I have received a rights issue - how to buy the shares allocated?

Can it done thru Zerodha Kite?

Or we need to do it only thru ASBA?

The application for rights shares can be made through R-Wap (this is facility provided by the RTA), Netbanking ASBA or Physical ASBA (Submitting physical application to designated SCSB).

If this is for Vikas Lifecare, the process to apply for rights shares has been explained here: Everything You Need to Know About Vikas Lifecare Rights Issue

Now the rights shares is trading at 1:15 which is discount from the original price of 1.85 -

As I already received some rights shares - can I purchase more from the market and then excersise all the right shares together

Also what will be price - for what I am allotted it is 1.85 and what I buy current market rate is 1:15 - so will that be applied?

Can I apply multiple times in ASBA for the rights shares - first my allotted shares and then what I buy in the open market?

Could you pls clarify the above?

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Yes, you can purchase additional rights entitlements from secondary market and apply for rights shares.

You’ll have to pay Rs. 1.85 per share when you make the application. The amount paid towards purchasing RE’s, doesn’t get counted while making application.

You cannot make multiple applications, you’ll have to cancel the earlier application and make a new one.

Just one more question - I have some REs bought which is in T+2 and not yet in holding - so can I submit my ASBA application even before they come into holding after T+2 or I need to wait for T+2 completion

Can you answer?

You can apply once the shares are credited to your Demat account.

I have applied thru ASBA - But how to check whether application accepted & how shares will be allotted

You should receive notification from the RTA upon allotment of the shares. You’ll also receive email from CDSL when these shares are credited to your Demat account.

@ShubhS9 - Today is the allotment date I believe but no mail, no credit of shares?
What should I do now?

It is a tentative date, sometimes allotment can be delayed, you should get a notification once it is done. You’ll also receive mail from CDSLonce the shares are credited to your demat account.