RIL RIGHT ISSUE: Third Party validation failed.

Hello All,
any one help to know about this might be i am missing anything. it start with struggling to know ID’s.
with these DP, CLIENT ID unable to register on “” showing message like invalid ID incorrect id. even i tried with complete ID, last 8 digit id but still could not register.

then i tried with apply for " R-WAP for Rights Issue" under renouncee category as here also (dematarialized option giving same error) but under renouncee it allowed me to get in and enter email, mobile with OTP validation.
after filling complete details there finally it was showing 0 shares entitled but in zerodha its showing 25 RIL RE.

but still i tried to pay with entering with correct bank details and finally it thrown error of

Dear Investor,
Third Party validation failed.
Your payment for the rights issue cannot be processed as the Third Party Payment Validation has failed.

too much tried now just disappointed.
it would be great if someone help. its really appreciable.

Thank you for your time,

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