Risk Management in Intraday


Everybody says… Only risk 1 or 2 % in intraday which is possible only due to our positional sizing. Are there any other methods by using total capital and having SL ???


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U can Trade BTST but only thing u need more money to buy entire equities planned for intraday
U should follow proper stop loss and profit ratio. Based on valatality of stock
If u can manage his discipline definitely u can have decent profits
Suresh Ramaiah


Intraday is very risky. If you are new, it’s better to take delivery trades.


Risk management is very important for successful trading. I hear some traders do succeed without using stop loss, but I can never recommend it to anyone, especially a new trader. Do not risk more than you can afford to lose, and do not risk more than 2% per trade


Risk Management Methods: Trading in the intraday market allows investors to increase their assets, but there is also the risk of only losing potential profits, but also the risk of losing their own investment. It is precisely because of the gap in income expectations that determines the risk of investors in the financial market. This gap can bring huge profits to investors and may also bring losses.
Managing financial risk is not a guarantee of a successful transaction, but it is indeed an integral part of a successful transaction. Using a reasonable method to manage financial risk can greatly reduce potential losses.

  1. Set the stop loss point
  2. Always use only a portion of the assets as an investment
  3. Trading according to the trend
  4. Control emotions

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Here’s what I do, I divide my available capital by 10 and then trade risking only 1% of that. eg. If I have 50k I use only 5k per trade and risk 1% of that. This way you won’t be putting all your eggs in one basket + you will be able to trade in more stocks.