Risk management system

Hello friends,

Is there any tool that helps you understand and manage your risks? Is there any trading platform that has that in-built risk management system?

Shouldn’t Zerodha build a good risk management system within their trading platform?

I think they already have.

We do have Risk Managment System, any trading platform is incompatible without one.

You can read this post, which explains how RMS works.

This one is for the broker, to help the broker to manage their risk. Right?

I am talking about enabling me to manage my risk or helping me manage my risk.

Eg: If I am being too adventurous, the trading platform could warm me or help me not take a risky bet

Yeah, to start with we show some nudges if one is going for penny or illiquid scrips, we do slow down when dealing with illiquid options for now.
We have many few other things in our list of things to do but will take sometime.