"RMS:Auto Square Off Block" means?

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RMS stands for Risk Management System

when u place a order in Trading Terminal…

The Order Details will be routed to Broker Server and checked by the Broker’s automated RMS for the validity of the Order.If it finds any Discrepancy,the Order will be Rejected and rejected reason will be echoed to you.Only Valid Orders are further routed to Exchange.

Example Responses :-

Margin Exceeds

Invalid Quantity

Invalid Price

Invalid Trigger Price

Circuit Limit Check

​The “Auto Square Off Block” is the Response received from the RMS in the following conditions.

  1. U placed the Order in Non-Market Hours

  2. U placed the Order with MIS product type after Intraday Square Off time Specified the Broker ( Normally 15-30 minutes before closing of Market)


When and where are you getting this message ?