Room for improvement in zerodha tick speed

Dear @vishnux what will SEBI do this is NSE job which he already done by offering VSAT,COLO ya that’s other think that small retailer can’t afford that.
VSAT is good
and you have 100MBPS but if 1GBPS also it’s does not matter Bcoz latency is different think which you call 500ms which will be below 20ms on VSAT.


yea but NSE has something called exchange feed , and then vendors feed and then TBT…
Exchange feed is slower than vendor feed , vendor feed is slower than TBT…
They must provide same feed to everyone (atleast exchange feed and vendor feed) because both transferred via internet.

Exchange feed started providing level 3 data ?

No, this is very tricky, we use TBT data, process it to form 20 depth and stream it.

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Will it be free for all clients?

Wow , will this be available in kite API too ? and since this is not exchange feed , how is the speed before and now (Level 3)

No, this will come at very much affordable cost, to give you a perspective currently in market, vendors charge a minimum of 10k and upto 30k per month.

API will take sometime, speed will be similar to our current level 2 (5 depth).

I Agreed with siva Tick speed is good when you are comparing with other broker, bro believe me i am a positional and expiry trader , the expiry trade i cannot do with any other broker , i tried lot of broker , tick wise zerodha is best other are millisecond or more late bro

Yes I agreed to that , they are best among the brokers

So level 5 you provide freely will have old technology , or you will stream from TBT ( but filter out just top 5) ?

Feed from API should be free at least. We are already paying 2k per month. More than double than upstox :smile:

Different sources, level2 will remain as it is.

Awesome , I am hoping level 3 will have atleast little speed increase compared to level 2 :slight_smile:

@vishnux This thread makes everything else look slower.

Out of curiosity, may I ask, are those milliseconds really practically matter to you while you trade. Or is this all high end knowledge but with no real action?

Questions intended as curiosity and not on a sarcastic note. Cuz I am assuming, you work like a market maker, and seconds within seconds matters. Like inception.

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Yupe it really really matters , since i use scripts to place orders

Did you know @vishnux that your Home/Office PC to zerodha server takes how many ms time?
you will find delay so how will you overcome this there is no option.
According to you need of placing order your trade terminal must be on COLO or on VSAT nothing else can help.

As you should also consider delay on Zerodha serve to NSE also.


Did you also know you miss trades by few microseconds ?

Since you know that home/Internet to NSE server is slow , will you accept another 1 second delay ? anyway it does not matter ?

As I mentioned in my thread , my concern is if some one can stream in web faster , zerodha too can stream.

Consider this scenario.

If reliance and hdfcbank increases few points , nifty increases , then nifty CE increases.

So if I get faster price ticks in reliance , hdfcbank , nifty … I can place orders fastly in CE ( where no one interested yet)

Your trades? or all trades at exchange?