Room for improvement in zerodha tick speed

Hi @nithin @siva : Zerodha has tick speed faster than all other brokers , Still there are people who has faster access to ticks (ALGOS, HFTS)

Please see this video

If you see the bid quantity you will know that zerodha get data 500 ms to 800ms second slow ,

I have 100 Mbps speed , I am watching both tick speed via web …

3rd party I am comparing streams 100 market depth data - whereas zerodha streams 5 market depth…if they stream just 5 depth , i guess they will be still more faster.

Still zerodha lags behind… if 500 ms slow , how come retailers like us compete with institutions , SEBI must create rule that everyone gets same data speed… for scalper like us this cause lots of slippage.Most of the time during sudden nifty fall when i place LIMIT order in bids / offers showing in zerodha , it never executes , Now I know why , because big fish are already feeding it before us.This is voice of many , please fill this gap.

You guys must get COLO and parse the tickdata and directly stream from their server to us… if some one else can do it , why not you… you are #1 brokerage firm , if you concentrate on this , will be really happy.

Also If you allow me I will be part of developer team in zerodha and work towards perfection :slight_smile:

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Where can I get 100 market depth data? Is it free of cost?

Thanks in advance.

Nope its too costly… I just got trial and checked it.

Institutions or algo traders , they just fill it before we fill.

Don’t think that Institutions place “only” Market order. Considering their quantity, not only it will wreak havoc on either side but also suffer extreme slippages in price

ok lets not bump the thread , I am waiting for nithin response

We should be thinking objectively, we cater to retail traders so comparing to HFTs is not right. Said that still I can say our feeds are one of the fastest available to retail traders in India. I can claim mean/avg speed of our order placement is much faster than any other retail broker in India.

I can say other party is not broker, may be data vendor. Exchange provides different sources to brokers and data vendors.

No, it will remain the same. As I said data vendor and broker has different sources.

One should never try to compete with institutions in terms of info or speed or execution, but with respect to strategy or returns.

[quote=“vishnux, post:1, topic:62993”]
for scalper like us this cause lots of slippage

If you haven’t realized it yet then may be due to your ignorance, sorry for that. From past several years manual scalping never beaten institutions because of the resources they have. They are equipped with super computers to spot the gap and fill it quickly before human eye recognize it.
Let me explain this, let us break the trade cycle into three parts. 1. Data 2. Strategy 3.Execution.

1.Data- One need quality data with faster ticks and the more breadth the better. Exchanges provide similar kind of source to all brokers with 5 market depth(Level 2) but still we can notice slight differences in speed from broker to broker and that depends on brokers infra. What ever broker does there can’t be improvement of more than few milli seconds. As I said earlier Zerodha feeds are little faster compared to many. If one want level 3( 20 market depth or more) only way is to have a space at colo or subscribe from data vendor by paying exorbitant prices. If one want all the ticks then only option is to go for colo which costs a bomb. On availability of level3 data to retailers at much cheaper prices we are trying to find a solution which is not available currently anywhere in the world.

  1. Strategy- Even though both retailer and HFT has same strategy for scalping, it is an obvious fact that machines beat humans in computing. Hence we have to accept retailer can’t win over machines with scalping.

  2. Execution - This is the most important and less understood part. Suppose assume retailer has spotted the opportunity and placed the order before computer does even then this order has a path to follow. Order placed on retail platform will hit RMS first. RMS ( Risk management system) consists of few rules mandated by SEBI and few rules specific to broker, for ex: order quantity, order value, if scrip is in ban etc order has to pass through each rule and at each rule some latency is added, the more rules the more latency. Institutions use something called DMA( Direct market access), this skips most of the rules thus decreasing the latency. After passing through all rules order will reach to adapters via internet and then to exchange via leased lines thus adding latency at both adapter level and leased line level. This is the main reason for institutions to opt for colo, where they can directly connect to exchange adapters cutting down all the latency.

I am not quoting this to you but my general observation after interacting with many, few times people blame brokers or lack of features on their platform for their losses instead trying to understand the actual dynamics of markets, only bad workers blame their tools all the times.

Finally I want to say don’t compare retail to HFT as both are different ball games. We are trying hard to bring the gap closer but we can’t eliminate it. Hope you will get it now.

You are most welcome, just an email away. You can attach your resume and drop a mail to [email protected].


I am not competing with HFT , All I am telling is it will be added advantage to reduce slippage if i can see those bids or offers even if 500 ms faster , I am frustrated because out of 10 times , 5 times my order dont get executed .

If I have seen that bid earlier , I would have either placed order little earlier or placed bid to the latest price ( instead of placing limit orders on old tick and missing an oppurtunity of good trade).

Yea you can recommend market order , but in the money has lots of slippage , hope you understand.

I use Kite API to place orders in fractions of seconds , so this tick speed really matters.

Lets not bring HFT here , what I am trying to say is if some one can bring ticks faster you too can ,

Following brokerages have vendor access…I don’t know what they are doing with it , but if zerodha take some steps they can get COLO and stream directly , it can definitely become faster.That is Room for improvement in zerodha tick speed … thats it.

RKSV Securities India Pvt Ltd 
IIFL Securities Ltd
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Not few times, people always blame their brokers when they lose money (except professional traders). And the funny thing is the 2 main reasons of thier losses are Trading Errors like 1#Over-trading and 2#Stop-loss tampering.

Thanks @siva for the valuable info.


Thanks Siva for the info.

Would like to know more on this feature. Apart from more depth, will it also improve tick speed?


I am not blaming my tool , It is working fine and giving good profit , but I miss lots of opportunities and loose the oppurtunity to increase my profit.Also I am not blaming zerodha , as I told you are fastest among 6 brokers I tested… Only you guys can bring the change.

Nothing can be done. Retailers has latency with feeds or execution, you have to deal with it and this will remain the same way and it is same across global markets. Also we need to give feeds at same speed across our clients, we have around 1.5 million users and need to send ticks to all of them and to all instruments added on to their marketwatches. It should work same for all users even with basic internet capacity. Also this broadcast comes at a cost to brokers but will be offered for free unlike in US markets, traditional brokers will cover this with high brokerages. But it is not about costs with us, we already have done everything to keep the feeds faster and will keep on trying to improvise.

As I told brokers can offer ticks only on to their approved platforms with similar speed irrespective of client’s net capacity. As I mentioned earlier we are working on getting more breadth of market depth to retailers at much affordable prices.

Finally I would recommend you to give a try for colo if you really want to stay ahead with order execution. Few brokers offer CAAS ( colo as a service) where costs and maintenance will be minimal compared to taking exclusive racks at colo.


Already our tick speed is at superior level compared to many in India.

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This is not intended at you, you seems knowledgeable and know what you are talking about, I have quoted that generally after interacting with many.

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Bro why negativity
, I maybe retailer , not everytime HFT gonna eat my bid , even other broker retailer can eat my bid some times , I just want to be faster than for example i get into trade 4 out of 10 times , targeting 7 out of 10 can see it below.

Can you tell who offers ?

Yupe but I am asking about KITE API atleast , with 10k per month package or something like that.Helping retailers grow.

I am telling you the fact, no point of dragging this further, only option is to go for colo.

You can write to few brokers.

We are already providing our best. Also retailers are not much concerned for that milli second latency and you have to come to terms on that.

You guys must start CaaS externally under zerodha , like sentinel , sensibul ,

“Maximum permitted members availing vendor services per half rack shall be 10 and full rack shall be 20,” NSE said.

No plans for now.

Atleast in next 5 years :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: develop the retailers.

Check this.