Rossari Biotech - IPO

Rossari Biotech is a textile and chemical manufacturer and is launching its IPO. The size of the public offering is expected to be around Rs 500 crores and will include both an offer for sale from the promoter group as well as a fresh issue of the company. You can check the IPO Prospectus for details. The price band is Rs 423 to Rs 425 and you can bid in multiples of 35 shares.

Indicative timetable

Event date
Issue Period July 13th to July 15th
Finalisation of allotment July 20th
Initiation of Refunds July 21st
Credit of shares July 22nd
Listing July 23rd
Mandate end date August 2nd

How do I apply for the Rossari Biotech IPO?

You can apply for the Rossari Biotech IPO on Console using any supported UPI app.

Once you have entered your bid on Console, you will receive a mandate collect request on your UPI app. On acceptance of the mandate, the bid amount will get blocked in your bank account. Read more.


Is it good to Invest in this IPO?? Any thoughts… Looks like it is priced high at this current market situation. Is it worth buying for that price?

I am trying to place a bid using console website but not able to. Getting below error message. Any ideas?

Failed to place order: Order placement failed. Please try again

There are some issues with order placement currently. You can try after some time.

Follow updates here:

can you tell why do we get 3 options to write the prices to apply for IPO?


That is in case you want to bid at different prices, check this article.

I have bid for ROSSARI IPO and I can see this status “The UPI mandate status isn’t updated in real time and may take upto a day”.

Today is the last date, so what happens if I do not get UPI mandate before 5pm?

The mandate leg of the transaction depends on the banks and the UPI apps involved. It would be best to wait for sometime to get the mandate. If not, you can also apply using bank ASBA till 5pm.

but , I have heard that Only one application is allowed per PAN, so you can either apply through UPI or by ASBA

What Mohit meant was if UPI application doesn’t work one can cancel that order and try applying through ASBA. It’s self explanatory.

UPI mandate won’t be submitted just the ASBA will be submitted so technically you’ve tried to process both ways but completed only one right? so you’re applying only once per PAN.

Also you can apply more than once from different brokers but then rejection chances increases as per my info.

Best to cancel the applications which haven’t been completed. Otherwise, the RTA could still reject your successful applications.

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Hi, I bid for 105 shares. but got ZERO as per the linktime website. How is that possible?

The IPO was oversubscribed by 7 times in Retail category, even if they alloted 1 lot to each, some bidders will still miss out.

Should be on count of shares ideally.

The RTA conducts a lottery to allot one lot of shares in the IPO to as many people as possible in the retail category. However, in the HNI category, the allotment preference is given on the basis of number of shares you applied for.

Hi, I too am in a similar situation. I applied for 3 lots and haven’t been allotted any as per linktime website. However, the amount is still blocked in my account. Does it take more time for amount to be unblocked?

Mandate expires on August 2, your amount will be unblocked once mandate expires.

Did you bid for lower amount like 423?

Think its unfair on how they gave the allotment, I’ve applied for 10 lots i.e. 350 shares @425… RI was oversubscribed 7 times but still I didn’t get even ONE, mathematically if it was equally divided for maximum diversified allotment I should get atleast 1.4 lot (1 lot or 35 shares), and after getting ZERO shares the application amount is still blocked, sad experience… Wish Rossari Biotech shares plunge below 200 in 2 weeks so we can buy it way cheaper than the IPO price​:joy::joy: