RSEX indicator a Oscilator RSI + Trendfollower EMA

many traders complaining that no indictors are result oriented as nowadays artificial supply demand is taking over market so recently came through this indicator called RSEX…which comprises of RSI + EMA…which Help in both ranging and tending market on a website its custom indicator by them…put your ideas…

The best way to test any such indicator is to backtest it. You can use amibroker, NT, or even Pi (Zerodha’s upcoming trading platform). Like they say, the proof is in the pudding.

So backtest and see how the indicator performed in volatile and flat markets.

Tradescript code which can be used in Pi

Buy: Close> EMA(Close,14) and RSI(close,14)<30

Sell: Close< EMA(Close,14) and RSI(close,14)>70