RSI Calculation in excel

Hi All here,
I am trying to calculate RSI in excel based on the calculation given in Zerodha Varsity Technical Analysis book.
The result is different from Zerodha Kite’s RSI Value, Please help how to resolve this issue,

@AlgoGeek Can you.

The formula for calculating the RSI value given in varsity & kite chartiq/tradingview is the same as given below.

I have taken reliance 1-year daily OHLC data in excel and verified the RSI values, calculating with the above formula, It’s matching with kite tradingview/chartiq.

You can check this google spreadsheet for your reference.

In varsity, the calculation is shown for the first RSI value with the simple average.
In excel calculation for RSI 14, we lookup avg of the first 14 gain/loss values and For the second RSI value we take( previous avg * 13 + present avg gain/loss ) /14, this gives like smoothed average value.


Hi @AlgoGeek,

Thank you so much for the details response, this will help a lot.

if the second part of the calculation is updated in varsity book, it will be helpful to those who want to give a try. do you have any idea to whom we need to request it.

You can put it as comment on that varsity page itself.


Thank you so much…

@siva, @AlgoGeek I just posted the solution, you have given for RSI problem in Varsity page.
Also updated my python program, now it works fine. Thanks for your help.

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