Ruchi Soya - good times ahead?

Ruchi Soya has been in the news, mostly on the positive side for the past two three quarters. Also technically the stock has been continuously supported at Rs.18-20 levels even during the turbulent times. Now, after the two pacts with Patanjali and the investment by the PE pirm Devonshire to buy a majority stake, does it make sense to invest in its shares at Rs.27 despite its huge debt? Any views on the stock?

Dont know about ruchi soya but there’s 1 stock which is madly going up & up everyday locked in upper circuit since one month. Price has trippled already. Stock name is Sanwaria agro.

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If it turns around then you can make quite a good sum of money. If not then you will have to forget your investment. The way I look at it it is an all or nothing bet.

The number looks horrible, but I read some good things about Dinesh Shahra, MD. It is also an opportunity cost, can you find a betetr investment opportunity thank this?

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