Ruchi Soya , Time to sell?

Is it a good time to sell the stock ? My average is at 431 and am sitting with good profits. Since the stock is locked in upper circuit for last few months equally worried about the reversal.

Any target price ? Does this have potential over long term

Hey man, no one can predict the top and bottom of anything.

Anyway, your portfolio should not be influenced by opinions of others. All profits are virtual, unless you booked it.

I should not even poke my nose here, but I can’t resist when people ask opinions on stocks etc, on social sites. Will your decision be influenced if someone says the top is this number, and hold it for few years.

If I had my money on something, the least I ll do is ask here. Cuz it ll create lot of experts, instantly.


ruchi soya is owned by baba ramdev.

So if you are big fan of baba ramdev, you can hold on to it.

i think ruchi soya is a good deal. especially after our PM’s invest and use indian products statement.

If you have doubled your profit then sell the shares who’s value is equal to bought this way you can have peace n also gain more profit in long term if it does not reverses