Running scanner on current week options only

Is there in anyway to add condition in scanner to run only on current week options?

At present nifty weekly runs the scanner across all the weekly options which gives confused signals on far away weekly options. Kindly help

As of now, you can not select only the current weekly expiring options as input in the Scanner section. I have noted your requirement as feature feedback and sent it to the concerned team.

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Thank you.
@Kunal_Streak any possible workaround for now?
like adding condition checking delta or something?

Hey @TradingDude We have recently added two new pre-defined baskets for Options “Nifty Weekly Current” and “BankNifty Weekly Current”
These two baskets will just check the scanner conditions on the current week option contracts. Refer to the below Image.

Hope this helps :v: :v:

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Wow that’s wonderful. Thanks for listening to my request and act on it. Loads of love to streak team from me

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