Safe Option trading strategies


I am new to Option Trading.

Can anyone suggest some safe option trading strategies. I don’t want very high returns. However, I want my risk should be minimum.


You may have to wait longer. I read this here:

Nothing safe in options, but option writing is place where odds of gaining is at 8 out of 10 times but this thing requires great expertise and knowledge


You have a GREATER chance of PROFIT if you BUY a CALL option rather than WRITING(Selling) which has LESS chance of profit and unlimited RISK.

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You should try Option writing based on Max Pain of the option series. This gives more than 90% accuracy and is mostly risk free. Check out the below Excel sheet:

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Trying to put up at least 1 startegy per week :slight_smile:

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writer have benifit of theta?so his more chance to get primium from buyer