Salaried Person, Doing Intraday trading Which ITR form should i use?


I am salaried persong, getting 5 laks, Tax paid through salary.

Am doing intraday Loss 9K
Which itr form should i use??

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Use ITR 3

If you traded F&O, then you need to file ITR 3.
But if you only traded equity intraday, you can file ITR2.

Have you got answer to your query. If yes, please explain how you filed your tax return last financial year.

No… I Have to file this year before Jul 31

My main income from salary (Govt PSU EMPLOYEE)…in addition i involved in intraday equity, F&O trading- overall loss-want to carry forward…which ITR form should i file…pl guide


Can a PSU employee can do intraday trading… if can , in which ITR head he can file the return… (if his main income is from salary itself… and the income from speculative trading only )
@Arpit_Patel , if u got the answer pls help

I am a PSU employee and had a same problem like yours, by the way you have to file itr 3 and if your turnover is upto 1 crore and profit is less than 6% of your turnover then you have to go for audit. Also we PSU employees are not allowed for doing speculative business but it is only your institution matter and it does not concern to income tax authorities and they will treat you as another itr 3 filing person.
Hope this would have answered your query.