Same indicator with different values in Kite and Pi

Why do the indicators in Kite and Pi have different default values. In some cases even the field names are different like in case of MACD.

The indicator values on CHARTS are calculated based on the OHLC values that is fed into the chart.

KITE and Pi are 2 independent platforms from Zerodha and most likely the data that goes into it are fed from 2 different sources.
Intraday data from 2 different sources can have different values, depending on many parameters, like fetch time, latency etc etc

A previous conversation regarding the same from The Captain.

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Which indicator are you referring to?

Thanks for the response.
My question is different. Check for MACD indicator. It has values of MA , Peroid and MA type that can be selected.
These values are different in Pi and Kite. It is true in case of some other indicators as well.
Hope i am clear now