Sas online review

Is there anyone here using sas online?

The reason I am asking is that they provide alpha trader, similar to what zerodha used to provide pi.

The account opening charges including demat, demat stamp duty, demat amc, segment activation - cash, derivative, comes to Rs 800.

My quest is to find a platform which links to excel. I am not into programing, but I built up link to excel which I am accustomed to.

If anyone has any fair idea of platforms, supporting link to excel, please comment so.

So far,
Alice Blue ant desk ll be discontinued coming dec 6.

Fyers one links well. But conection drops with excel at times.


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Sas web platform I used it. It’s very slowly. Prices will show few seconds delay, sometimes more than other platforms LTP. It’s a nightmare. Not sure about Software platform. Web it’s killer. However newer version is good. It’s like OLD KITE. But i suggest it’s not worth for day trading.

Charges are very low and they have unlimited trading.

What excel you are referring to?

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go for finvasia there new trading platform and firstock trading terminal are same execution and price update are really good,earlier i used sas online but not satisfied with there terminal

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hi thanks. I nearly signed up tho. Not planning to trade but use the platform.

Currently working on fyers for excel link.
link to excel is important for me. I have some custom formulas which is handy.


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How is finvasia bro? I checked it long back ago. But it’s sick for trading?

Any fresh update?