SAS Online unable to understand

I’ve took few trades to see SAS ONLINE PLATFORM AND CHARGES



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Integrated tax ? Union territory tax? Didn’t see this from any other broker

Can you be clear about what’s looking odd in this?

  • For starters their contract note format is as per the guidelines set by SEBI Check Here

  • I don’t know what you did to attract 380Rs Taxable Supply (ie Minimum Charges)
    They are charging this as brokerage/other charges and hence GST is also levied on that.

  • It seems that they are collecting the AMC in Contract Notes, but I can’t say for sure because you haven’t told what exact transactions you did.

  • In simple get to know why they charged 380Rs. Other than that they don’t have any problem.

GST is Indirect Tax existing in India. Collected in the name of IGST, CGST, SGST etc As per requirement.

Bro! I traded few trades around 1 to 10 qty. Brokerage is around 10 Rs for that 10 trades. Besides, for this they charged 380?

Entry of qty 1 to 10 trades brokerage is 380? Sick

That amount charged is definitely not brokerage. Its some hidden charges. You have to ask their customer care to know what is that and how can you avoid those.

Probably share full contract note, that would give better idea.

Did you opt their 999/- monthly plan ?

They charge some amount in equity and some amount in FnO for this 999/-


Maybe its because you traded 1qty.

Show me your full contract note. I ll give it a try.


Yes. It’s 999 plan. The way they charge is unbelievable and no one in industry does it. But they confirmed this will be charged until account brokerage reach 999 after that nothing will be charged. Lets see.

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Have you used this plan?

You can cancel the plan… and ask them to refund the amount.

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I’m okay with this plan. But i want to know do you have any experience about this before?

I opted the plan… but this plan does not include bracket orders… So i opted out within a month.
sasonline offers to trade in almost all of the strike prices in options. And bracket order for options is the only way I am still using it. And cheaper trading charges .


So irrespective of volumes they will stop charging after 999. Right? Or Something fishy?

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Yes… only CO and BO are not included in 999/- plan. Other taxes are applicable

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What is wrong you had not done the trades properly

Hi, Any one can explain about BO order, because in live market i am completely unable to take order in BO order, and market order also not available in BO order. If i am selecting limit also not working, after order automatically rejected order.

Please answer my question any one?