Saving Tax on trading

I am trading in three accounts (Mine and 2 family members). Each account has earned 10 lakh + profit this financial year, so far.

I am expecting the total profit to be around 2-5 crore or maybe even more. How can I save tax?

I have three doubts:

1.) Can presumptive tax be used in this case? Can I show only 6% of my total turnover as profit. If yes, what is the definition of turnover here? The money I transfer from my bank account to Zerodha and vice versa?

2.) Should I open a company? I think company is taxed at only 22%, while individuals are taxed 30% and 42% after 5 crore+ profit. Company makes sense, as I need to pay only 22% instead of 30%. But I am also confused about “withdrawing” tax (dividend tax). I think it is about 15% (so total 37%). I have few questions like, instead of withdrawing, can I use the money for personal use? Let’s say, I pay using my company account for my vacation expense. Or If I want to invest it in property, I can buy property in my company name instead of mine? If I cannot use company for vacation, but can use it for investment like in property, some business etc, then also it seems like a good idea to me, thoughts?

Also, If I copy a company, I can trade all our money in 1 account instead of 3.

3.) I do BTST also. I think BTST is in grey area, can BTST trades be considered as short term investment and be taxed at only 15%? I am already paying 0.2% STT on them, which is quite a lot.


Does anyone know.?

@Quicko can you answer this query please? I would like to know too.