SBI Small Cap Fund


Today(16-May-2018) SBI Small Cap Fund(Previously called as SBI Small & Midcap Fund) has opened for subscription.
I would like to know when it will be available in coin for SIP?




The scheme has just started accepting SIP’s and not lumpsum investments. On Coin we simulate SIPs, which means that each SIP installment is essentially a fresh lumpsum investment. So until the fund starts accepting lumpsum investments, you won’t be able to invest in this fund. You can look at other small cap funds.


What about Reliance small cap?When we can invest through coin?


When you know that Coin platform is having so many limitations compared to its peers, then why on earth you are asking for premium of Rs. 59/- per month?? Change this business model to flat fee based model, just charge Rs. 20/- per transaction just like in equities, anyway the units we buy in demat mode right? Please think about it.


Please mention which are the other platforms which do not simulate SIP but actually do SIP and not lump sum investment.


You can try its free and you can invest in direct mf.


Groww and Unovest’s names coming my mind right now. And may be they don’t support full fledged SIP per say but you can add your biller to the bank. Here is the full procedure : -

#9 although they have very limited funds


Groww has the same problem ???


scripbox supports only regular funds.


Thanks for the reply, @sabyasachi_sadhu.

I came across MF Utility platform which allows one to invest in direct mode mutual funds through the SIP route.

Do you guys think it is worth considering?