SBI tax advantage ELSS fund

Is there any plan to add SBI tax advantage fund -series II ? currently i am not seeing in coin.

coin only offers open-ended funds. The fund you are talking about is a close-ended fund. You can try buying it directly from the exchange but the liquidity is almost nothing. Write to Zerodha support.


@Sanket, I don’t think this elss fund trades on the exchange. Were you able to find it?

I can see it is listed -

Thanks sanket…I am new to stock market. My plan is for tax saving. I want to invest in elss. I have invested equally in idfc tax advantage and principal tax saving. I am planning to add one more mf. Which i should add tata india tax saving fund or aditya birla 96?

What’s the point of investing in 3 tax saving funds? The maximum benefit you will still get is 1.5lakh under section 80c.

i was thinking instead of investing in 1 elss. i should invest 40k(total 1.2L) every year in 3 different elss.