Scalping in trading is legal or not

Difference between intraday and scalping , is scalping allowed. Is scalping is illegal?

What is scalping according to you?

Buying and selling the stock just in fluctuations of 1 to 2 rs per share in the time period of 5 min to 30 min

Nothing is illegal just do it. Also scalping can only be done in Intraday only. Intraday 9:15 to 3:20 scalping as per your wish as you said 1 or 2 rs and 5 min to 20 minute.

Scalping can be done in seconds too and milliseconds too but only robots do that but we human can do scalping as fast as 15 to 30 seconds too. I am sharing my todays trade see my first trade. It took only a minute too Buy Sell and it is Legal.

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Why do you even think it could be illegal?

On quora one man ask this question so …

I am just STUDENT , from when you strated this scalping strategy ( from how long you are doing this ) @Harsh_Sharma

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It is not a strategy i just trade based on price action trading (Support, Resistance, Trend Lines and Pattern etc.)

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