Scalping trading

Hello all

I want to learn about scalping trading.

can you please suggest everything you know about scalp trading like course, video, or It is illegal or not?

Better we can see scalping is speculative. Let me tell you the best thing, get expert in any indicator + Price action because there are traders who scalp just using RSI or MACD or ADX, etc. Research on youtube and learn from the one who is expert in one particular tool and does successful scalping.

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Scalping is a risky business.

I suggest first go through zerodha varsity for stock market basics. Then read few stock market books. Understand & grasp the idea , about how stock market works in real time.

After this, start with equity segment, only buy stocks for few days with position sizing & risk management.

If you get confidence in equity , then only try scalping with strict money management, risk management & position sizing.

And last, you cannot only make quick & esy money through scalping , you may loose heavily also.

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