#Scam1992TheHarshadMehtaStory - a thread on everything that has changed since then in the world of Indian stockbroking


how much this series is correct , i was not even born at that time , and was Mehta really good (not that bad) men and was just scapegoat as many people in social media are pointing out.
Secondly people like RK D and RJ were just disciples of manu bhai with not much reputation and involved in some manipulations , and where is manu bhai now. If you can shed some light on this.

And is it correct that in that time if i wanted to short the stock say 1 crore worth i can do it without any margin , same case with buying till 14 days , how were Mark to market handled then and settlements made.

I came across a published paper, which mentions that Manu Manek passed away in 1997

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today ring-trading is called dabba-trading just like cricket-betting :joy:

Forget 1980s, even in early 2000’s you could trade intraday without any margin. Relationship with the broker worked based on trust and the perceived repayment capacity of the client. At the end of the trading day, you were expected to pay up any losses made during that day.

I remember when I made my first big loss in intraday trading, while trading in ONGC shares, in 2002, it took me more than a month to arrange funds to pay my broker to settle that debt balance in my trading account.

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