Scan for 1st 15 min candle Range, break after next 5th candle onwards

Hello, I want to know if this is possible to create on streak.

lets say I’m looking at 15 mins chart, 1st 15min candle should be the reference. Next 4 candles should not break the high or low of the 1st 15min candle. From 5th candle onwards if it breaks the low, it should be able to scan. Is this possible to create in Streak.

Thanks in Advance.

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@Streak can you.

Yes this possible in Streak.

We have created scanner of the same, refer to the link below.


this is interesting. let me try this and see.

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thanks team… Scanner is working fine.

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Converted this scanner into a profitable strategy :blush: Take a look.

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your scanner requirements are super cool bro… i had copied the scanner and its working good for me


This looks good and interesting! Going to check this out. Hopefully, it works.