Scan for futures candle crossing Vwap Standard deviation 1

Can someone help me to add a condition in streak that scans for close crossing Vwap Standard deviation.1 from below.
Here SD 1 I mean the SD line below the vwap not the SD 1 line above the vwap

Hi @TradingDude

Your requirement cannot be created in Streak currently. The VWAP Standard Deviation indicator supported in Streak is different from the one that is required for your criteria.

However, please share a screenshot of the charts marking your conditions so that I can get more clarity and check if a workaround can be created or not.

Hi @Vasu_patel

Thanks for replying. Please find the screenshot below, I want to catch when the candle crosses the bottom standard deviation 1 line from below. Also please explain how to use vwap standard deviation in streak? I don’t find any documents regarding that… Kindly advice me

@Vasu_patel any input on this please

@Kunal_Streak Please provide some input on this please


The Standard deviation bands VWAP indicator shown in the screenshot shared by you is not supported in Streak. Refer to the below image.

Currently, you cannot create the conditions based on Standard Deviations Bands of Vwap as per your requirement. I have sent your requirements as feedback to the concerned team and they will look into it for future consideration.

However, to plot the Standard deviation of Vwap (indicator supported in Streak) on the chart you can follow the below steps:

  1. Plot VWAP on the chart.
  2. Plot the Standard Deviation indicator on the chart.
  3. Change the settings of the standard deviation indicator and select Vwap as the field for the indicator.

Hope this clarifies.


thank you so much for clarifying with the screenshot @Vasu_patel
It helped me to understand better :+1: