Scanner conditions

I want my 1-minute scanner to skip the first candle of the session; i.e. I don’t want the scanner to scan the 9:15 AM candle it should look from 09:16 . How do i do that?

Maybe you can try using Nth candle condition or just adjust the time of trade to 9:16 am.
Note: am not a pro in writing conditions.

You can use Streak’s candle time function to create the conditions for your requirement. Refer to the below screenshot for the example conditions based on our understanding of your requirement.

Above conditions will trigger the results when the RSI is higher than 30 when the candle time is higher than 09:15 i.e. the conditions will not be checked on the first 1-minute candle as per your requirement.

You can use similar logic to create the conditions as per your requirement. Click on the below link to learn about the candle time function and how it used: