Scanner for first candle volume higher than 3 days volume

I want to make a screener for the first 5 minutes which closes on 9.20
The results should be fetched for stocks with the volume of the first 5 min greater than the previous 3 days and all 5-minute candle volumes.

When i select multi-timeframe then it is selecting whole days volume(day candle volume), so how do I fetch the previous 3 days’ volume of 5 min candle? Can this be implemented?

You don’t have to use the Multi-time frame function to create the conditions for this.

Refer to the scanner below:

The scanner will fetch results at 09:15 if the volume of the first 5 min candle is higher than the maximum volume for 5-minute candles in the last 3 days.

I have selected 225 as the number of candles in the period max function as there are 75 candles in one day and you wanted the volume of 5-minute candles in the last 3 days.

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ooh this is a cool workaround

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Sorry, do not see the scanner example mentioned in response by Kunal. Can you please share example again.

Hello @niranjandamle You can click on the link attached to the response to access the scanner . CHeckout the below screenshot and click where the arrow is pointed :

You can also access the link here-

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