Scanner guide for daily and intraday moving average

Is it possible to make scanner in streak

All stock which are lower than 200 day SIMPLE MOVING AVERAGE on daily time frame & also lower than 200 simple moving average 15 min .

I only know 15 min method
Close(0) lower than ema (close,200)
But how to add additional command to scan 200 ema on daily time frame.

I think you can, like on top selecting, 15min time frame, and then in conditions
Close(0) lower than sma (close,200)
and close(0) lower than multi-timeframe(day,SMA(close,50))

This will find, all stock which are lower than 50 day SIMPLE MOVING AVERAGE on daily time frame & also lower than 200 simple moving average 15 min.

The reason why I did 50 did day and not 200, is because i tried, but it doesn’t appear to work, my guess is as kite limits only 3month data for intraday candles(15mins), there are not enough candles to calculate 200 Day sma from 15min candles.

Other way to do it would be, if you are interested in get scan alerts would be(which i have done multiple times for other strategies),
Make scanner for 1hour candle(on top time period),
Close(0) lower than sma (close,200)
and close(0) lower than multi-timeframe(day,SMA(close,200))

Then take scan live with 15mins time frame, so what it does is run scan ever 15mins, and find stocks on partially forming hour candles every 15mins , stocks which are below 200 hour and 200 day moving average.
I know its not same as being lower than 200 ,15min candle moving average, but thought of sharing anyways.

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@Streak Can you,please.

i have read all this after doing you are absolutely right 200 SMA on daily base giving zero result but on 1 hour giving result
Streak is very behind in comparison with chartink

Thanks, don’t completely agree with your last point though, Streak is meant to be an strategy trading platform, which deals with speedy backtest and alerts(not found anywhere else in such easyway, i know i have tried building myself), scanners they introduced later because of lot of people request(Including me, sent them mails after mails for it).

I have inquired about why they have this limit, they told me its not efficient to maintain the scan alerts speeds, and they suggested to run 2 separate scans on day with live alert on 15mins and other on 15mins and then use the common stocks. Its something now commonly used for intraday and positional trading

They excel in UI, alerts speed, precision, broad set of features, multiple devices(web and app) and technicians. You cannot compare apple to oranges.
Many of the times, when I used to use chartink, the results never matched kite charts.

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UI,ALERT SPEED AND multiple device feature is veery good
main feature is it is having app.

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