Scanner - How to create a narrow CPR Stock for the next day

Hi, I want to know the stocks which have Narrow CPR for the NEXT DAY.
Following are exact requirements:

  1. Narrow CPR Defined as that in which CPR (TC) - CPR (BC) < 0.25 (Standardized value as per pivot histogram)

  2. Narrow CPR should be enclosed under previous day CPR ( Inside Value relationship)

I have been trying to use formula to obtain the same but the results are not satisfactory.

Thank You

@Krishnendu sir and @Streak

A gentle request request to help

Hi @Vishal_B_S ,

While you can check for current day CPR value, calculating the Next day CPR would require to use the actual CPR formula and not the indicator. Please share the formula you are trying to implement.

Dear @Krishnendu , Thank you for your reply,

Formulas are as below

TC = (Pivot-BC) + Pivot
Pivot =( High + Low+ Close)/3
BC = (High + Low)/2

When i tried using the same , results where not coming to my expectations

Thank you for your assistance

You need to use this condition to scan for Narrow CPR for the next day