Scanning and Triggering a BUY/SELL Alert automatically

Hello @Krishnendu, @Streak

Sorry to bother you, I have a question.
Is it possible to automatically deploy a strategy based on a LIVE Scanner?
Now, everything is manual. I wish to automate that.

Let me explain.

Let’s e,g. I scanned all of NSE FnO stocks exactly 09:20 AM [ which is based out of 1st 5 min candle ] and retrieved the result of 5 stocks. Now I have already a strategy to work with those 5 stocks.

But the real problem is: I have to create a basket and manually had to perform the backtest on all of those 5 stocks and then placing an order with the number of stocks. By the time the actual strategy will get deployed, I would be missing 2-3 entries.

Is it possible to perform all of those automatically?
Meaning I am looking for a solution where the scanner will scan exactly 09:20 AM and deploy the strategy linked with it, automatically putting all of those 5 stocks in a basket.

Let me know how could I achieve that?

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Currently, you cannot. There are no ways around this.

@bubunis you can do this at