Screen mutual funds with custom filters


There are lots of websites over the internet with different level of details for mutual fund offerings. Based on my experience in last 3/4 months, I get the most information from value research, morning star or et money.

These sites are good, but details of the information are available when one goes to the page of a specific scheme. Overall at the level where schemes are listed, a significantly less number of information is present. Like for example, fund or category risk measures, allocation in different market capitalisation, etc. are not available without going into the page of a specific scheme.

My question is whether there is any site that provides these denormalised tables with lots of columns (categorisation, risk measures, performance metrics, allocations, etc.), along with options for custom filters and ordering by multiple columns? For example, I may want to know large cap allocations of different flexi cap funds, which has lower standard deviation compared to the category average, in descending order of alpha.

Even though I said site, it’s equally acceptable if it’s a monthly or fortnightly updated CSV or even a public database. I can work with either of these programmatically without any issue.

I’m asking this because it seems to me to be a intuitive method to explore and compare different funds. Let me know if this is not right.


Try this website and see if it is providing you the required parameters

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Just checked out the website. On first look, it seems very promising.

So far, I can see all details that I’d be interested except for category averages. Nevertheless, this is very helpful. Thank you.

Thanks for the acknowledgement. Category average is shown on clicking on specific fund, requires an extra click though. :grin: