Screen time for traders

Historically speaking, more screen time has always been considered an important factor for success in trading as more time we spend watching the screen, the more we get to learn bout market movements and with experience learn to trade better. basically screen reading is the skill which one trader might acquire.

I personally spend 8-9 hours daily. 6-6.30 hrs during market and 2-3 hrs during off market which I personally feel is bit unproductive.

What are the number of hours you spend during the day tracking markets and how has it affected your trading journey ?

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I would say yes.

We get to observe and learn about small details when we spend more time. These small details are interconnected to one another, which when combined will help us take a better decision. The confluence of many small things help.

I too spend many hours, both look at my trades, and occupying my mind with a lot things pertaining to finance in general so that a perspective is formed.

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15 mins or less to know if I have a trade.

Years of insane hours and frustration to know what i am looking for.

Wow. so basically, u spend 1-2 hrs a day at max ryt?

:sweat_smile: true that

so, how many hours on an avg do u spend?

In live market,I just need to see if i have an entry that i am familiar with. And it’s decided within the first 20 minutes.

And if i have an entry, it’s for the market to play out. I just need 2 decisions in the morning.

I do spent more time post market journaling, running.

Running clears your mind and reminds you are human. The more non market things you do, the more productive you become.

Else, many are consumed by the market. They make profit, give back, blow up. They trade as if their life depends on a single trade or a day.

A good part of my day is dedicated to things that are related to finance in general, so on an average at the least some 8 hours for the market, and the rest of the day for things not related to money and markets.

Of course, after some time, a few years, as you gain experience, things become organic, you don’t need to think, you act on your internal system.

There is something called decision fatigue. The more time passes by , the more you analyse the less productive you are and the worse are the trades get.

This is in every feild.

I watch the charts for around 1 hour in the morning at the open. During that time, I mark setups, and key levels to follow throughout the day. I do glance a look at my portfolio and watchlist every hour, just to check whether my analysis is correct or not.

I don’t find spending too much time on charts as productive. Sometimes, I force trades that are not there when I keep watching charts all day. I think my time is better spent researching.

Although I’m a learner, still much more to learn like candlesticks and chart patterns, trade little and rarely only on stock, but what i want to see on chart is always fixed, although it can not be exact always, little up or down as market moves on zig-zag pattern. Here is what i can share from my knowledge till now…

So first, you have to see market unprejudiced, like without any conclusions, to find for, what works best or whatever thing you can catch that works! Just like explore. In this stage, man, you have to watch charts maybe for hours daily or you may find it little earlier or later.

Once you find what works, that maybe different for different persons, once you know that, you don’t need to look market like without any blink of eye, you can just note market like where it is right now (may take just few minutes), and when the thing that you are waiting for will come?, like you can time market roughly, and then you visit market at some gaps and when you notice that the thing you are looking for, is about to come, then you need to be attentive to market to put trade.

That thing can be like any candlestick chart pattern or indicator or there combination which you made (strategy) and found working in first stage i mentioned above.

So you are almost free, cause you know what you need catch, so you are like in chill mood, like when opportunity comes, will trade or else better!

So, more or less, the things that moves the market is same, not even similar. However, there maybe some exceptions. So don’t be in hurry to just go to youtube and copy paste some strategy, just don’t make conclusions and be open minded!