Screener - To get and Know pattern - Scan All NSE Stocks

Hi All,
As we know there are around 2000 stocks comes under NSE. And it is kind of impossible to to track movement and in this we missed so many good moving stocks just because lack of screening and knowledge.
Can you please tell me any screener by which I can scan and get info about overall stocks and can get other information also.

I google it and knew about few online screener such as

All Ideas and Tips are welcome here.

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If you are looking for TA screening, Check sites like

Or you can make one on Chartink

You can also use StockEdge app for EOD analysis.

There are many more sites people refer to, just search for the other threads on the same subject.

Thanks for your reply. Here can I able to know for Options Changes also?

What are you actually looking for?
Did you search for other threads on tradingqna?

Yes . I was looking for trend analysis for Options for Index at one place.
Like Sometime Stock A’s Option’s premium increased so much .
So Wanna to see result for all Index Options at one place.

Call put analyzer is a good app.

Yes Sundeep , Yesterday Installed . Will check today. Thansk

You started with 2000 listed stocks, to index derivatives now, that too Options!? Good transition!

Check site for everything you need. You might have to get a paid subscription. Eqsis is another site.

Thanks for quality info. Bookmark everything… Thanks