Scrips moving 2-3% higher - Help on strategy

Can somebody help getting a filter on 2-3% moved scrips from yesterday’s close price (during the first 30 mins closed trade).


Yesterday’s close price at 3.30PM - Rs.100

Today’s first 30 min candle close price at 9.30AM: Rs.102-103%

From this filtered list (through coding), I will enter for trade.

Help is highly appreciated, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You can find top gainers of the day from this page of NSE

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In think zerodha PI we got scanners! Lets hope PI gets released soon!

Thanks for the sharing of URL. But can I get only 2-3% varied scrips from yesterday’s close alone (in the first 30 mins candle close)?

You can try jstock software for windows.
In this you can create filters for searching stocks. I think they use Yahoo data, so there may be some minutes delay than actual data.

This software does not have the feature to filter according to our need (in this case the % difference). But it has info reg. stock. This software is provisioned with indicators, thats good (but I did not try yet).

We can create custom scanners in it with what ever condition we want. You need to play with it a little to learn how to create custom scanner. There are some inbuilt scanners like MACD, RSI etc. you can check them to learn how to create new scanner.

I am actually looking for price change. Already checked with indicators list where they confirm about trigger in crossovers and confirmation. But I need price change filters with live intraday data.