Sebi allows brokers to start their own exchanges

@nithin zerodha can open its own stock exchange and introduce weekly options on almost all instruments to spur trading activity and mitigate the effect of peak margin rule on leverage. Right? Physical settlement in stock options can be handled by allowing only hedged positions(which is allowed even now anyway)


if brokers start own exchanges the major issue is liquidity.
and what about transparency? remember unicon karvy.

Karvy won’t happen again; the regulations are air tight now. Liquidity will go up if it becomes cheaper to trade in derivatives which is why weekly options have seen their volumes skyrocket and is poised to go even higher after March when the leverage is capped further


After every stock market scams we hear this kind of caption’s :grinning: :zipper_mouth_face:

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@TIMEFRAME @leodecaps Anything can theoretically happen at anytime…and if you are looking for certainity in life, stock markets are the last thing you want to have anything to do with.

Just because someone is a fraud, Let’s not generalise and say everyone is just looking for a chance to be a crook. You won’t have accidents if no vehicles are allowed to ply on roads but the costs outweigh benefits and everything is about striking a balance. Stock market scams will be around for as long as the markets continue to exist