SEBI circular - Validation for Stop Loss Limit Order Entry

So today below rule went live, we have a max allowable range of 3% between stop price and limit price.
This was issued on July 19 and gave enough time. But i did not know about this and had all of my stops rejected early morning today.

I read both circular alerts and bulletin every day from Zerodha and i dont think this made it there. I dont think i read this rule at all. Thankfully was able to understand and fix the issue in time ( try thinking when in panic from new situation ! ). It seems Zerodha missed warning about this? or I somehow missed this ? Not fun.


Hi @SpacemanSpiff

Apologies. We had updated this on the support article. We share such changes in a TradingQnA post too as well but this was a miss.

Also, this rule introduced in July 19, 2023 circular applies only to the Equity segment. This was applicable for the F&O segment from April 2023 itself, and doesn’t change anything.

We show the following rejection message for this while placing the order on kite:

Would circular alerts be a good place for this too? qna additionally is great but one might not see it if forum gets busy. Both circular and bulletin are very useful in keeping track of changes.

ok, i trade only cash segment right now so missed this, i trade via api. Did some temp fix for today.