SEBI clears extension in trading hours

SEBI clears extension in trading hours.

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Could be a typo in reporting, Previously it was been discussed at 11 odd pm.

@portfolioplus911 that’s futures, upto 11.55pm.
This one cash&futures upto 5pm.
The exchanges may decide the time, 4, 4.30 or 5

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Got it,

From when will the change in trading hours be in effect?

It won’t be immediate, it will take atleast 3-4 months

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Okay thanks

@rj07 @newguy are you happy with it guys?

I checked the Sebi website, no announcement regarding this. I wonder where India info line got the news?

@ganesh07 sure it won’t be that comfortable.

From which date?

I will be happy when it’s 9 am to 11 pm

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me too,
day trader need volatility hope we get same volatility by 11 pm so working people get at least second half to play

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I don’t how futures can be traded more than cash market. As futures itself derives value from spot market. Then how can futures be traded without change in underlying.

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Similarly how NIFTY futures was traded on SGX.

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That’s what i don’t understand… plz explain…

Bhai log, u ppl r chewing back an old news brief from 2009 :grin:
Don’t invoke GOD(Google on Demand) blindly!

Theoretically that is the case but one can see nifty futures trading on sgx with out underlying, the same way one may take bet based on the news which are released after cash market close or based on global phenomena, based on ADR price changes etc. As a start I opine this will be extended only on index derivatives and may be illiquid for first few months but need to wait and see if investors who are trading on sgx will shift slowly to indian exchanges ( NSE and NSE gift city).

Last I heard was that NSE had applied on July 25th 2018 with SEBI for extended trading hours as planned starting on from October 1st 2018.

Any update on this? Will trading hour extension takes place? Its a nightmare of sorts if it were to happen.

Zerodha as a stock broker might have been updated by NSE regarding this…

Not yet.

All acting dumb see the post date 2009 lol